NO TRAINS ON SUNDAY by Willie & Edwin A. Schurmann Kohlmann


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The twenties were scarcely roaring in small town Australia but there was enough sputter to keep a young Aussie happy. Particularly if he had a hopeless crush on trains and luckily lived by the railroad tracks. These reminiscences are quaintly pleasant with characters like Mulga Bloor the butcher, Louey the Chinaman, Dan the Sanitary Man and hero Scotty Monroe, the railroad man who rode the rails like a superchief but who was a trifle unscrupulous on the side. There are pranks and pranksters or ""holigans"" as Willie's father grumbles, cricket contests, Guy Fawkes Days, and there was the time when cols clogged up the pipes from the local reservoir; the day that Councilor Brew's pig lost the championship; and the day that the swan's eggs turned out to be ugly ducklings. All very homey for those whose favorite pastime is time past.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1968
Publisher: Taplinger