THIS LITTLE PIG STAYED HOME by Willie Snow thridge


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Macmillan published in 1941 an autobiographical piece entitled I'll Sing One Song; this is its wartime sequel. The setting is again the author's home near Louisville, Kentucky...This is strictly family-in-wartime book, and we like it better than its closest analogy -- Dorothy Blake's It's All in the Family, in which a ""suburban housewife"" shared her wartime problems. The period in this volume is September '42 to September '43, presented in condensed, pungent style. One son is in service, one daughter a nurse's side, the two younger children are in school. There's a husband who haughtily refuses to be conditioned to wartime sacrifice in his home -- there's a blood bank experience -- there's the Victory Garden -- there's a sleuthing experience -- there's the goat that proved an unsatisfactory substitute for a car -- there's an English visitor -- there's the discomfort of traveling --there's rationing-committee work etc. All adding up to a painless and gradual infinitesimal sharing the world's tragedy of war.

Publisher: Vanguard