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BLOOD ON HIS HANDS by Willo Davis Roberts


by Willo Davis Roberts

Pub Date: July 1st, 2004
ISBN: 0-689-85074-3
Publisher: Richard Jackson/Atheneum

On the lam from a Holes-like juvenile detention camp in California, 16-year-old Marc hitchhikes his way to Seattle and safety in search of his real father. As he doggedly ventures north to Washington, he recounts the unsettling details that landed him at Camp Heritage in the first place: the death of his younger sister to leukemia, his parent’s resulting divorce, his sentencing to the camp by his mother’s domineeringly manipulative boyfriend, and the final, bloody confrontation with an assailing camp officer that could eventually land Marc in jail for manslaughter. Edgar Award–favorite Roberts spins a classically straightforward mystery story without any gimmicks that’s guaranteed to seize the attention of any reader. And it’s her storytelling finesse and eye for creating dramatic tension that will most likely distract readers from the novel’s tepidly safe characterizations and often-predictable plot that lacks the kind of unique twists readers would normally expect from a mystery veteran. Despite its ordinariness, however, this flows as a solid, fast-paced mystery capable of thrilling even the most reluctant of readers. (Fiction. YA)