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A fascinating ten-years-later sequel to The Silent World again brings to the reader the wonders of the deep, as Jacques Cousteau combines scientific exploration and personal adventure underwater. The author's feeling for beauty and high spirits give an added sense of involvement as he welcomes the reader aboard the floating base Calypso and shares his experiences in many seas. In the Red Sea a eef too deep for exploration in 1951 with present techniques determined the father of the Aqua Lung to evolve methods and equipment for deeper exploration which ed to the use of the Deepsea Camera Sled, the bathyscaph, the Diving Saucer and finally the Continental Shelf Station when two men lived underwater for a week. A grounded lobster diver's confidence about ""old jars"" brought the revelation of a ship wrecked ten miles off Marseilles some 2000 years before Christ--and culmin-ted in a five year salvage exploration which cost the expedition a life. The Look is chock full of adventuresome encounters with fish-- from Ulysses, the pet grouper, to menacing sharks seen at their meal of whale. There are moments of high danger -- an avalanche that nearly submerged the bathyscaph, the Calypso surrounded by seascrapers in a treacherous patch of sea -- and high comedy -- as dolphins play with the ship or bumpfish, grazing on coral, emit a blast of sand. Always, the sense of pioneer exploration with its tension and mystery is present, as Cousteau heads the descent to another element, and seeks to protect its treasure from the isposal of atomic wastes - another chapter in man's relation to his world. Illustrated in color, this book is surely destined to share the success of its predecessor.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1963
Publisher: Harper & Row