WHAT MAKES SAMMY RUN? by  Wilson Schulberg


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This is a sort of I Can Get It For You Wholesale translated to Hollywood. Sammy is an East Side Jew, who snatches the job of messenger in a newspaper office, and rides roughshod over everyone to his own particular goal, hiding insecurity under bravado. A mere columnist serves as his Hoswell, in his upward (or downward?) climb, seeing through him, hating him, deepising his methods and his ruthless ambition, but fascinated in finding out ""what makes Sammy run?"" He gets to Hollywood -- he forges to the top he has what he deserves in a wife, who is as ruthless as he is. Pretty raw stuff, without the underlying tenderness which saves this sort of thing from being too unpalatable.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1941
ISBN: 0679734228
Publisher: Random House