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by Wina K

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1467880350
Publisher: AuthorHouseUK

In Wina K’s debut novel, teens get swept up in the prelude to all-out war between good and evil.

As a half-demon, Chris has been hunted his entire life by men who consider the destruction of his kind a holy mission. After they kill first his mother and later his adopted father and sister, Chris swears vengeance and is pursuing it when he meets Amy. Although Amy has been hiding her power of healing and living a normal school-age life, she and Chris soon notice their shared superhuman abilities. It’s not until after a group of ruthless “Peace Keepers” move to collect Amy for their own purposes that the two young people realize they’ve fallen in love. All hell (and some heaven) breaks loose, with the demon-hunters fighting the peace keepers to protect Amy. Through a series of bloody battles, Chris struggles to control his demonic side and is ultimately forced to question the value of the revenge he’s sworn to carry out. The cover’s warning—“[w]hen you think the worst is over, it’s only the beginning”—proves apt, as near-death situations pile up faster than readers can count them. Although details sometimes get lost in the frenetic hack-and-slash, Wina K balances out the combat by sowing interpersonal and political intrigue at an equally speedy pace. As behooves a story that includes demons and angels, almost every aspect is larger than life, from the multiple beheadings to the celestial visitations to the twisted family histories. At times, that exuberance lies on the wrong side of over-the-top, but it also gives readers deliciously villainous antagonists and nonstop entertainment.

A whirlwind of religious mythology, violence and melodrama.