THE EASTER BUNNY by Winfried Wolf


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There isn't a great deal to the text of this book, which opens on a somewhat somber note: ""Many people don't believe in the Easter Bunny."" The illustrator is given top billing on the jacket, which is as it should be: this is in every respect a picture book. The eye lingers long on Mathieu's meticulous drawings, brimming with such details as finely decorated Easter eggs, fields of tiny flowers, intricate patterns on drapes, and the pastel patchwork of the Easter Bunny's trousers. Wolf questions how the Easter Bunny could exist: how could a rabbit get out of his cage, and where would he find a basket to carry his eggs and presents? But she confesses that she nevertheless believes in the Easter Bunny and recounts a few stories she's heard that confirm his existence. But there's one more question: how does he get into your house? ""It's simple."" We see the gift-laden bunny bending over to stick the tip of his ear in a keyhole: his ""special tips"" can open any lock. And finally, we're advised to look out the window if we're up early on Easter morning, for we may see the Easter Bunny scurrying across the lawn--""That is, if you believe in him."" Easter Bunnies should keep an eye out for this one; it will fit perfectly into a believer's basket.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1986
Publisher: Dial