MARY ANN'S FIRST PICTURE by Winifred Bromhall


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Attractive pictures in brown, green and black by the author have great charm, and the jacket is brightly colored, but the story is dull. Mary Ann, aged seven, looking like four, slowly opens her eyes, slowly gets up and slowly, slowly, page by page, eats her breakfast, opens her presents, and gets her heart's desire -- a box of paints. Just perishing to paint that first picture, Mary Ann is frustrated by a visit, a snack, and lunch at home. But then she gets down to painting that picture -- and everyone is so silly. Looking at the picture with wide and admiring eyes -- burbling, ""surely no artist's picture had ever been admired more"" -- the maid and mother and father admired it endlessly. We didn't. Clear lovely paper, large format.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1948
Publisher: Knopf