GREEN IS FOR GROWING by Winifred & Cecil Lubell
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Planned for publication on the first day of spring, a perfect book for the growing season. From the tiniest plants (algae) to the tallest (trees) the Lubells over a world of plant life between; fungi; lichen; moss, ferns, flowers and grasses. The text is made up of ordinary words put together with a sensitive, poetic rhythm that has become a Lubell trademark. While each of the major plant types listed above have their own short section in which the special features of each is described, space is also given to the particular favorites of children: dandelions, aisies, milkweed, clover, etc. In both the words and the illustrations the reader is made aware of the whole community of animal and insect life that is mutually dependent on the plants. Mrs. Lubell's illustrations are outstanding for their delicate accuracy which is decorative while it helps identify.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1964
Publisher: Rand McNally