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These ""Confessions of a Sports Car Addict"" consist of a ""Dear Mother"" correspondence from Prudence, in California, back home, and it thunderbirds through some funny to frantic incidents which should hit even those who have not converted from GM to MG. Prudence makes a painstaking restoration of a K Mercedes Benz in her bedroom and cannot get it out (without a wall and $500 for a truculent landlord). She goes to work for Eric who came West in a Saoutchek Talbot and who finds that she has a ""pure automotive soul""- but there do not seem to be any sex cylinders --even when she gets a custom-contoured coverall. Eric has a showroom, and Prudence sells a pink MG to a dear old couple who give up their plots in Forest Lawn to secure it, while Eric is taken by Italian Gina (he'd been looking at her through ""rolls-colored glasses""). Finally the landlord attaches her car, and her room, the sheriff moves in on Eric, so that Prudence has to move in with Eric-- and they launch a sports car kit as well as a marriage.... There's nothing wrong with this transmission--- it's young and fresh and Ivy League capped throughout.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster