THE MAN OF THE HOUR by Winifred Kirkland


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The life of Jesus is told here, but skillfully woven into our contemporary life at the same time. The creative processes of Jesus' mind come forward to illuminate our own present-day questions such as ""Does the England of today readily accord the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven to the Hindoo or South African? Do we Americans readily permit the blessings of Jesus's New Order to the Negro or Oriental?"" The book gives the story of Jesus entrance into history, and how the world received him. His contact with other men -- Peter, the rock; Simon, the snob; the rich young man who chose to be safe; Judas, who failed to live up to the best that was in him. Here is given the Dream of the Builder, and his revelation which has flashed upon us the vistas of immortality; and the lesson for us today in the contrast between Pilate, who was limited to the world he could see and touch, and Jesus, whose world was illimitable and unseen.

Publisher: Macmillan