HENRIETTA: The Wild Woman of Borneo by Winifred Rosen
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HENRIETTA: The Wild Woman of Borneo

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My mother says, 'Henrietta! You look like the Wild Woman of Borneo!' . . . She might be right."" This run-on monologue could almost get by just on our identification with scruffy Hen. rietta's catalogue of complaints--sister Evelyn who takes ballet and is ""pretty enough to be on television,"" mother's dismissal of her crafts project (a green clay horse) as ""cute,"" wonton soup. . . . But brillo-haired Henrietta, whose messiness is wittily captured by Chorao's precise, freely controlled pen, makes a game try at escape. Having been told by Evelyn that she arrived in a crate, Henrietta has Evelyn pack her up for shipment to Borneo and, once inside, dreams herself there, where the air is ""sort of swampy"" and wild women with multicolored hair teach her to do cartwheels and somersaults and tumbling. Here's a really liberating fantasy for little gifts who long to be ""the Wildest Woman of them All""--full of skillful detail and exuberance.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1975
Publisher: Four Winds