JOHNNY CODLINER by Winona Strachan


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Like most of the young men of Plymouth in the year 1775, Johnny Wiggin was practically raised aboard ship, and his goal in life was to command his own great fishing boat. But circumstance dictated another way for young Johnny. The British were attacking the consial towns of New England and the time had come for the people to band together in defense. Against his wishes, Johnny is apprenticed to a rope maker on the wharf and informed that though his job was mental, it was essential. From ropemaking to spinning Johnny becomes skilled at trades he never enjoyed, but in which he participates whole-heatedly out of patriotism and self discipline. At the unveiling of the sturdy ship Bestaus. For the first time, Johnny season the importance of all the little chores that helped build this sturdy warship. His faith in the young United States is redoubled as he realizes that no one section could vanquish the British nation, but all the region might have a chance. The meaning of patriotism in the early days of our country takes on revealing personal significance in a good story.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1961
Publisher: Watts