DEAD SOUTH by Winona Sullivan


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Who's the nun tooling around Miami in a Ferrari Testarossa, picking locks, breaking men's hearts, charming confidences out of prostitutes, and miraculously warding off death from every quarter? It must be Dorchester's own Sister Cecile, ex-heiress, ex-spy, who's keeping her p.i. license current by helping Damien Drail, the CIA's director of Cuban operations, retrieve Agency flack Bradley Locke, a hapless Beltway pencil-pusher abducted on his vacation in sunny Florida. With the help of her companion Sister Raphael, a few timely revelations from obliging working girl Violet Packard, and some unexpected crisis intervention courtesy of DraWs 12-year-old daughter Leonie--whose chicken pox has brought her along for the trip but hasn't by any means sidelined her--Cecile soon traces Locke to a pair of Keystone Kidnappers, handsome Panamanian Olimpe Olarte-Rodrfguez and his Marielito buddy Bajito Surez, and their murderous protector Dirty Bobby Ortez, who'd be easier to take seriously if it weren't for his crush on Olimpe. But then you're not supposed to take him seriously: This is international intrigue at its most cockamamie, with a rooster rescued from a cockfight slated to deliver the coup de grÆ’ce en route to achieving a life at least as real as Bradley Locke's. Even more waggish than Cecile's debut (A Sudden Death at the Norfolk Cafe, 1993)--and at novel's end, Cecile and Raphael are talking about relocating in Dade County, promising still wilder adventures.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1996
Page count: 288pp
Publisher: Dunne/St. Martin's