GREEK FIRE by Winston Graham


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Gene Vanbrugh, an American- alone- in Athens, is privy to the murder of a night club performer, Juan Tolosa, realizes that the dead man was in possession of papers dangerous to George Lascou, a politician with high ambitions in a forthcoming election and low affiliations with the Communist Party. Present at Lascou's murder-at the hands of Tolosa's wife, Vanbrugh is considered responsible for the crime but given a temporary refuge in the apartment of Anya Stonaris, Lascou's mistress, with whom he falls in love. Trying to get out of the country, he is caught, and it is Anya who bargains for his freedom with the incriminating papers although in so doing she must forfeit their chance to be together...Not his best, this is still a silky form of suspense entertainment.

Publisher: Doubleday