THE ANGRY TIDE by Winston Graham


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Attention: Masterpiece Theatregoers! Remember Cornishman Captain Ross Poldark's scarred and limping return from the wars in America when he was 24? Well, now he's 38, lord of his manor, newly made member of Parliament for the borough of Truro, a mine owner with two mines, with two women in his past plus his wife Demelza (the scraggy urchin of a miner's daughter who has married far above her station and who has been as unfaithful as he has--but both are willing to try again), plus two children, and now this, his seventh novel, already filmed and ready to run on PBS. In recent Poldark novels, Ross and Demelza's love story continued against the background enmity of the Poldark and Warleggan households, with Demelza's younger brother Drake falling in love with cousin Morwenna (fated for blindness). Now Morwenna's married to Reverend Osborne Whitworth, a greedy church climber who has driven her crazy, so much so that she's obsessed with jealousy of her younger sister Rowella Solway (forced into marriage far beneath her), whose husband murders Whitworth. And Drake's depression is not lifted by his labors at the blacksmith's forge that Ross bought for him. The leads still have their ego-inspired this and estrangements; even after lovemaking in London, they fall out, with Demelza still being pursued by Sir Hugh Bodruggan and now Monk Adderly, all of which leads to a senseless quarrel in which Ross kills Adderly in a duel. Then there's starcrossed Elizabeth, Ross' first love and wife to George Warleggan. . . a fall and premature delivery, gangrene. . . . ah, fate. . . . And now loom the Napoleonic Wars. . . .

Pub Date: April 7th, 1978
Publisher: Doubleday