THE SHARP RIFLE: Its History, Development and Operation by Winston O. Smith

THE SHARP RIFLE: Its History, Development and Operation

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A history of the rise and decline of the popular rifle of the 1860's-70's, that gives the origin of this breech-loader, which probably found its inspiration in Hall's rifle. Sharps worked for Hall, improved and developed his invention with the help of interchangeable manufacturing which had just made its appearance as a permanent factor in industry. He patented his carbine in 1846. John Brown in the winning of Kansas proved the efficacy of the rifle against the old mussle loaders, and they were known as ""Beecher's Bibles"". With the Civil War, breechloaders came into general use. With the invention of the modern repeating rifle, the Sharps became a curiosity and collector's item. This is a book for fanciers and collectors, and provides necessary details.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1943
Publisher: Morrow