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MARLBOROUGH by Winston S.  Churchill Kirkus Star


(Vols. 3 & 4)

by Winston S. Churchill

Pub Date: March 15th, 1935
Publisher: Scribner

The first two volumes of the Marlborough brought favorable returns throughout the country, and enthusiastic reviews. The postponement of volumes three and four to January, 1935, should not materially affect the sale, since it is an essential book for every purchaser of volumes one and two, and, furthermore, the announcement of its imminence should stimulate Christmas sales of the first two volumes and create an additional market for these. Keep this in mind, and notify December purchasers when the next volumes are on the eve of publication...Churchill picks up the thread of Marlborough's life with the accession of Queen Anne, and the stirring years that follow make excellent reading under the masterly touch of Winston Churchill. Portraiture and narrative genius characterize these volumes as they did the earlier ones. Not only is it an outstanding biography, but a brilliant picture of colorful days.