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STEP BY STEP, 1936-1939 by Winston S.  Churchill

STEP BY STEP, 1936-1939

by Winston S. Churchill

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1939
ISBN: 0836923103
Publisher: Putnam

While England Slept was a best seller. It was a collection of the eminent statesman's speeches over a period of years, directed to the major thesis. Now comes a book that is even more timely, -- his fortnightly letters on foreign policy and defense. Once again he shows himself more of a statesman than his enemies would credit him with being, more far-sighted than many would like to prove him, more tolerant and controlled than even his friends acclaim him. His is a far-seeing eye, and he is one of the few men of his type and class, who is willing to recognize where he has been wrong, and to restate his case. The material comes up to May of the current year.