HOW YOU CAN BE A BETTER STUDENT by Witty & Others Flesch


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This differs from the usual approach to the difficulties of the below average student in that is is directed to all students, with the basic assumption that virtually every student can better his own records. The opening sections provide various types of self-testing charts- and is designed to help the individual to spot his own weaknesses, and to suggest ways in which they can be offset. Rudolph Flesch contributes an excellent chapter on How to Write Better and his success in this field was demonstrated long before he launched his bombshell on Why Johnny Can't Read, Paul Witty of Northwestern on Streamline Your Reading stresses the vital part sound reading habits play in all study. Other sections deal with taking examinations and improved methods of study. Most of this material has been efficiently tested in pamphlet form by Science Research Associates. Typographically, the book suffers somewhat by constant use of small type, and the spot drawings leave much to be desired. But the style is provocative and the subject matter challenging for the average, intelligent high school student.

Publisher: Sterling