ERZIEHUNG ZUM MENSCHEN: ""Education to Humanity by W.J. Guggenheim

ERZIEHUNG ZUM MENSCHEN: ""Education to Humanity

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Today's struggle between humanity and hatred, freedom and force, reflected in this story of a boy's school in Switzerland. The school is neutral in its stand, and tolerates all races and nationalities equally. The drama develops as one of the boys, a German, falls under the influence of a Nazi leader during a summer vacation and returns to the school to persecute his two roommates, one Jewish, one half-Jewish. Finally the issue is brought to a head when the German boy writes a letter to his Nazi idol, which will ruin his father, and the Jewish boy suppresses the letter. At the close the German realizes the false values of his new-found ideology, and turns against Fascism. Well handled, and sympathetically so. The muddled principles, spurious patriotism of the German boy are presented with understanding and insight.

Publisher: Verl. Oprecht-Zurich