NEW LINES FOR FLYFISHERS (Frontispiece--Ralph Boyer) by Wm. Bayard Sturgis

NEW LINES FOR FLYFISHERS (Frontispiece--Ralph Boyer)

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Every skilled fisherman will admit there is always more to be learned and, as you know, is a potential customer for this book. It has a double market, however, as it will be equally interesting and helpful to the beginner. Mr. Sturgis is the only man I have ever read who, starting from scratch to explain a subject, still doesn't assume the reader knows all the terms and will be able to fill in all he skips over. The first chapter is a masterpiece on that score. Every time he says to do a certain thing, the succeeding sentences tell you why and how. Where he warns against certain methods he promptly tells what happens if you follow them and how to extricate yourself, your rod, or your line if you have already fallen into the danger zone. The Table of Contents ranges from the principles of casting lines, leaders and flies to the choice of the rod, fly tying, hook tests, silkworms and gut to a delightful chapter entitled ""Leaves from an Angler's Notebook"" wherein the few necessary remarks untouched in the previous chapters are covered with characteristic thoroughness and simplicity. In selling this book convey at once to your customers the fact that it is a bargain. The material covered would normally require several books on each subject. Here is exactly what they want all between the covers of one book, another valuable addition to their Derrydale collection.

Publisher: Derrydale