AMERICAN POINTS OF VIEW: Readers' Guide, 1935 by Wm. H. & K. O. Cordell

AMERICAN POINTS OF VIEW: Readers' Guide, 1935

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An anthology of representative essays published during the year 1935, and drawn from such varied sources as Scribners Harpers, Atlantic Monthly, New Republic, Mercury, and so on and so on. All sorts and types of writers are included, professional writers, philosophers, psychologists, historians, economists, social workers, teachers, editors. The majority of the essays deal with various phases of American thought, with current political and social problems, with changing codes and customs, with abstract ideas and concrete evidence. The last section of the book gives one more feel of America's place in the comity of nations. As a whole it is less interesting when taken, a bit here, a bit there. One gets no sense of a pattern, no concentration of idea in the matter of selection. Individually the essays are stimulating and thoroughly worth preserving in book form.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1936
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran