STICK AND RUDDER by Wolfgang Langewiesche


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The air-minded layman may find this worthwhile reading, for the illusions it shatters and the novelty of the approach to the hows and whys of flying. Primarily, the market is for the prospective flier, for the student, even for the teacher who needs to dust the cobwebs out. His argument is that our natural reactions -- in regard to the mechanics of flying -- mislead us, and that a different approach to learning to fly might save many accidents. And that it all comes down to understanding the wing and its relation to the theory of flight -- that ""the Angle of Flight"" is the crux of the matter, and must be understood in regard to lift and buoyancy, to gliding, to speed, to wind drift, to stalling, to spins, to pressure, to controls, to landings, to what a plane can do and cannot do.

Pub Date: Jan. 31st, 1943
Publisher: Whittlesey House