by Wonder Books

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These are wonderful value, in many ways better than the Little Golden Books. They were originally issued at $.59, and had not too easy sledding. Advantages over Little Golden Books are evident:- end papers separate, and not part of title page, making a better looking book, and easier to rebind (though at this price that is unlikely). There's good balance in the selection, both on age level (with three for the littlest members of the family; four for those just beginning to want stories read and told them; three tried and true, but reasonably modern stories; five done for this series originally, and in two years proving their own popularity; and one- issued last year and now available at this popular price. The list follows. MOTHER GOOSE- Ill'd. by Joseph Hirsch; THREE LITTLE KITTENS and Other Nursery Tales (5 in all)- Ill'd. by Rachel Dixon.; *PETER RABBIT and other stories. Ill'd. by Phoebe Erickson.; *THE RACE BETWEEN THE MONKEY AND THE DUCK by Clement Hurd.; ABC and Counting Book, by Phllis Fraser. Ill'd. by Jack Sarkin.; FAMOUS FAIRY TALES, adapted by Eleanor Graham. Ill'd. by Mervin Jules.; STORYTIME FAVORITES (10 in all) ill'd. by Anton Loeb.; BEDTIME STORIES, adapted by Eleanor Graham. Ill'd. by Masha.; RANDOLPH THE BEAR WHO SAID NO, by Faith Nelson. Ill'd. by Nedda Walker.; WHY THE BEAR HAS A SHORT TAIL, Selected by Louise B. Williams. Ill'd. by Sari.; THE COSY LITTLE FARM by Louise Bonino. Ill'd. by Angela.; THE SHY LITTLE HORSE and Other Stories (5 in all) Ill'd. by Robinson.; THE MAGIC BUS, by Maurice Dolbier. Ill'd. by Tibor Gergely.; THE LITTLE DOG WHO FORGOT HOW TO BARK & Other Stories. Ill'd. by Hildegarde Hopkins.; THE LITTLE TRAIN THAT WON A MEDAL, by Darlene Geis. Ill'd. by Anton Loeb.; A CHILD'S FIRST PICTURE DICTIONARY, by Lilian Moore.

Publisher: distr. by Random House