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TINY AIRPORT by wonderkind GmbH


developed by wonderkind GmbH

Age Range: 2 - 4

Pub Date: July 31st, 2014
Publisher: wonderkind interaktionsmedien GmbH

A trio of cartoon scenes positively laden with animated surprises will rivet tap-happy 2-year-olds.

By way of helping to focus readers, the app allows them to follow one particular young traveler from check-in to boarding to in-flight antics. In addition, viewers can move other passengers (including a cowboy whose gun is confiscated by smiling agents) through a security gate, then get a variety of craft airborne in the background while a jet taxies up to unload, reload and depart. The third scene is a cutaway of the jet in the air, and tapping each seated figure—or, for that matter, the stowaway mice scampering about down in the luggage compartment—sets off a bit of action. These range from making a bored witch transform the sleeper in front of her into a frog to paging a flight attendant for a cocktail. A simple control board even lets children “fly” the jet. Touching signs, birds, a small red dragon, the sun or nearly any other item in each scene activates further animations, some of which last several seconds or change each time. There is a pop-up visual index that even very young children are likely to find superfluous, as well as toggles for both the tinkling background music and the bright, funny sound effects.

Absorbing diversion for both old hands and first-time fliers. (Requires iOS 6.1 and above.) (iPad seek-and-find app. 2-4)