THE GREAT WHITE MANTLE by Woodbury, David O.


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The author of several popular science books here ventures to tell the intriguing story of the Lee Ages, where scientific truth, or at least, conjecture, reads like fantasy fiction. Beginning with the circumstantial evidence geologically inscribed, deposited, and strew around the country and seasides today, the glacial periods their causes, course, and future--are traced in a non-technical, but astounding, chronicle. Through an ingenious, if not always clear, telescoping of time, we are escorted through the last glaciation as 100,000 years pass in one imaginary twelve-month. Interspersed, in a somewhat disorganized manner, are touches of human evolutionary theory and archaeology, interesting geological oddities and techniques, some venerable earth history, and even forecasts for the future--are we headed for a tropical interglacial epoch or for a renewed onslaught of ice? The information is fascinating, but the almost-too-popular style affronts and may even disguise the facts. Better suited for teen-age readers than for adults who might expect either straight information or pure science-fiction.

Publisher: Viking