C IS FOR CURIOUS: An ABC of Feelings by Woodleigh Hubbard
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C IS FOR CURIOUS: An ABC of Feelings

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Moving beyond even Aruego and Dewey's flamboyant illustrations for Kraus's Noel the Coward, etc., Hubbard presents an alphabet of fantastic creatures that vividly represent states of mind from ""angry"" to ""zealous."" Even the literal interpretations here have clever touches: the ""curious"" have extra fingers in odd places like the end of a tail, the better to investigate. More complex ideas are treated with subtlety: an ""understanding"" adult is a simple figure composed of generous curves, while a little miscreant who has just broken something cowers ruefully but in evident expectation of forgiveness. With boldly contrasted colors, remarkably expressive forms and details, and a healthy aura of the acceptability of various emotional states, Hubbard has created a striking, unusual book that challenges ""readers"" to make intriguing new links between ideas and visual images.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1990
Page count: 40pp
Publisher: Chronicle