HIGH SIERRA by W.R. Burnett
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Another melodrama in the Little Caesar vein -- and a good one. With gangster stories front page in the newspaper, this should build up a big rental distribution, and yet the underlying psychology, the picture of the man behind the guns, so to speak, deserves more attention than the average sure-fire renter ordinarily gets. A gangster, in for life, is ""sprung"" by one of the big bosses, in order to put through a special job, a gem robbery at a California desert resort (PalmSprings is suggested, though the name is imaginary). One sees the softer side of the man, in his human relations, his relations with a small stray pup, with anyone or anything weak and defenseless. And yet he becomes Public Enemy Number One. Good reading-easy selling.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1940
ISBN: 0795300425
Publisher: Knopf