THE HOME PLACE by Wright Morris


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A quick shifting montage of emotions, characters, incidents, situations, conversations, as a small family comes from New York to Lone Tree, the husband's birthplace in Nebraska. Clyde is caught up in the family's crosscurrents, his wife interested only in living and not caring where it is, the children causing confusion by their ignorance of country life. It is through the discussions of the Croppers and the Mineys, the tracing of family history and gossip, the meetings with relatives long unseen, the recalled incidents of childhood that the pattern of a family's life is worked out, the character of a family developed. The text will be illustrated with a photograph facing each page so that the day that encompasses the story will have a pictorial accompaniment. This should make it of a more specialized nature than as straight fiction and heighten the quality of farm and family life, and provide a somewhat experimental venture.

ISBN: 0803282524
Publisher: Scribner