THINE THE GLORY by Wyn Blair Sutphin


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This little book consists of a number of sermons preached on the various phases of the Lord's Prayer by the minister of the First Presbyterian Church at Pompano Beach, Florida. Written, or at least printed, in a sort of free verse form, filled with many quotations from modern poetry, Sutphin inveighs against the materialism, mechanization, vulgarity and conformity of our age. He makes many valid points, and his insights into the true meaning of the Lord's Prayer are sometimes brilliant and moving. The only criticism that might be raised against the author is that his method smacks a little of camp meeting oratory and even flamboyance. But for those who like to be scolded into purer piety, the book may make stimulating reading.

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1962
Publisher: Dutton