ANGROVE TOWN by Yael Lotan


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Clive Henderson, architect who planned an outstanding model village in England, comes to a West Indies island to lend his name and talent to a similar government-sponsored project that will give sixty-thousand natives work and homes. As he becomes involved, it becomes obvious that his name rather than his talents are at stake, for the octopus-like Devon Corporation turns up at every hand, the power behind all seemingly unlinked companies, that will control island economy if the projects goes through. Various shades of feeling are represented as Clive realises his love for the gold-brown Madonna-whore Evadne, whom he marries; as his Ivor Lawrence foments rebellion in the natives and coincidentally causes the death of Hungarian Naomi Shelbourne, to whom he merely wanted to bring real life. Clive's solution seems to the author a step in the right direction, toward acceptance and away from violence--but the social philosophy is skin deep, and so is the plot.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1964
Publisher: Doubleday