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THE DELUDE by Yoji K. Gondor


by Yoji K. Gondor

Pub Date: May 4th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1481015370
Publisher: CreateSpace

An exploration of “the delude,” a person committed to illogical opinions.

Gondor posits the existence of a type of individual he calls the delude, who “holds a preponderance of delusional opinions that are assigned to common events or that spring from his or her intrinsic ability to frequently self delude.” Though subtitled “A Philosophical Journey,” Gondor’s work steers well into psychological territory, albeit without the scientific rigor that would mark a psychological study. The deludes are, among other characteristics, “experts at developing erroneous acts of thinking in a loaded emotional layer,” and “To absolutely trust others is not possible for a delude.” In many instances, Gondor’s descriptions conjure a human image to the reader’s mind—i.e., “Extremism,” Gondor warns, “is a direct consequence of a highly deluded mind,” and particularly in politics and religion, he says, the delude can be a dangerous, unsettling force. Yet aside from a reference to Hitler, the author doesn’t seem to provide concrete examples of a delude. In fact, one wonders how the delude can function in day-to-day life, as his or her rejection of factual reality seems absolute. For instance, Gondor states, “One thing the deluded fool universally defies is the understanding of mathematical concepts.” Despite these extremes, readers will be able to envision someone essentially like the delude described by Gondor, so his reason for exploring the topic isn’t unsound. At times, however, Gondor’s statements can confuse the reader, such as his assertion that “There is a correlation between the soul and genetics.” Nevertheless, most of his work is clear and approachable. A more concrete, perhaps even clinically studied, description of the delude, including real case studies, would multiply the value of this slim volume.

Worthwhile beginning study of a psychological pathology.