HUNGER CONTROL WITHOUT DRUGS: The Doctor's Appestatic Diet by

HUNGER CONTROL WITHOUT DRUGS: The Doctor's Appestatic Diet

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Details on low (900-1200/day) calorie dieting--aimed toward reducing the dieter's feelings of deprivation. The author of Dr. Siegal's Natural Fiber Permanent Weight-Loss Diet explains carefully and at length how the body feels hunger and satiety. He then proposes (separately addressing the dieter's physician) that there is a substance in nature--gylcerol--which acts as a hunger suppressant. Siegal therefore suggests a low-calorie regimen (this is standard diet fare) with supplements of glycerol-containing substances to produce feelings of satiety. All this is well laid out and plausible. Seigal also explains why other diets fail (a question better explored elsewhere, as in Bennett and Gurin's The Dieter's Dilemma) and offers supporting advice on analyzing one's own eating habits and personalizing the diet. In essence: standard low calorie fare, with an added twist that can't hurt and might help.

Pub Date: March 4th, 1985
Publisher: Macmillan