THE FULL CIRCLE by Yoshiko Uchida


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Semi-fictionalization of the teen age years of Umeko Kagawa, daughter of one of Japan's most prominent Christians, Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa, holds a certain comfort and conviction despite the mildness of the narrative. The story opens in the weeks before Pearl Harbor when Umeko, as an enthusiastic school girl, chafing at her father's prominence and the private inconveniences it creates for her. At eleven, she vows that she at least is going to enjoy life. Then war, which her father feared, comes to destroy that wish, and to bring constant danger of arrest to the Eagawas as known anti-government sympathizers. Yet through the next four years in Tokyo and in watching the problems of two clone friends, Umeko comes to self realization. An one of the free women of a new democratic Japan she will do social work and fellow in her father's footsteps. On an idealistic level this explains something of what Japan went through during and directly after the war.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1957
Publisher: Friendship Press