FACES OF DESTINY by Yousuf Karsh
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The outstanding portrait photographer with an exciting collection of largely American, Canadian and British portraits which provide an illuminating source of study in the personalities presented. Karsh emphasizes the characters of his subjects with lighting, with stress on their hands, with imaginative approach to some phase or other which conveys the impression he is seeking. His text is now anecdotal, now informative (as to the whys and the hows of his effects), but always adding, in brief space, just that additional note of human interest that lifts the book out of the category of straight picturebook. The subjects include outstanding political, military, artistic figures -- 75 portraits in all. A beautiful piece of bookmaking. News value can be made a factor in window display- for example, there is a superb portrait of Gen. Marshall.

Pub Date: Feb. 4th, 1947
Publisher: Ziff-Davis