THEY FOUGHT BACK by Yuri- Ed. & Trans. Suhl


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Partly true, partly as told to, and often difficult to determine which, this is the story of Jewish Resistance operations in Nazi Europe which gives the lie to the widespread belief that the Jews went like sheep to the gas ovens. For example, in the story of ""Little Wanda with the Braids,"" a twenty-four year old girl, disguised as sixteen, walks into ""a Gestapo building in Warsaw"" and shoots a German officer, then walks out past the guards and escapes. The story would have more verisimilitude if better documented and identified. One of the main qualities of the Jewish underground movements (in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, Belgium, the Ukraine, Minsk, Lithuania) was their enforced insularity. They had no outside contacts for supplies, etc. Death camps also featured their undergrounds which led to sabotage and sometimes a successful uprising. The Berlin underground was of course totally isolated and eventually wiped out.... The material here derives from a middle ground between fact and legend, but the book implements the subject even though it is not definitive.

Pub Date: Feb. 13th, 1966
Publisher: Crown