CASTLE DUBRAVA by Yuri Kapralov


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A vampire-ama set (where else?) in Romania--featuring an immortal boss vampire, a chic American ad exec who has nasty 14th-century connections, and her present-day lover (who's in for some ghastly surprises). Sally of Madison Avenue takes a vacation to Romania to rendezvous with a former red-hot lover, Romanian policeman Nikolai. But while Sally happily awaits Nikolai in a mountain village, a magnificently carved antique coach glides up from nowhere--and inside is beautiful, young(?) Michea Basarab, a famed poet/dramatist who's allowed--by an inexplicably tolerant government--to retain an apartment in the fabulous 1st-century Castle Dubrava, now a museum. So it's off to the castle, where Sally will meet an odd group of hangers-on . . . while Michea's vampirical, immortal identity becomes clear. And what of Sally herself?. Could she too be of the throat-ripping persuasion? So it seems--as murders ensue. And poor Nikolai will survive attacks by a snake, a wolf, something awful with a sword, and some astonishing love-making from Sally--as well as grim visits from Party officials--until the supernatural whoop-la seemingly ends with a giant earthquake and cosmic confrontation. Far less engaging than the non-castle variations by such writers as Suzy McKee Charnas or George R. R. Martin, and a bit over-busy with ancient lore (manuscripts, legends, etc.)--but a passable diversion for vampire traditionalists, slightly spiced with contemporary-Communist touches.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1982
Publisher: Dutton