BLACKIE: The Bird Who Could. . . by Yutaka Sugita

BLACKIE: The Bird Who Could. . .

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First there's the simple, if not banal, story about Blackie, a young bird who frightens hunters and zebras by roaring like a lion, comforts a lost lion cub Who thinks Blackie is one of his kind, then is jolted into remembering his own natural ""caw"" when the cub's mother roars at him in thanks. Then there are the showy, nubby-textured paintings, bright animal forms that take on a vibrant surreality from the starkness of the solid backgrounds. And last there's the small print of the text--unexpected in a picture book and especially off-putting beside the bold, instantly apprehended (and exhausted) illustrations. All three elements, none enticing in itself, work against each other to project an unfocused impression.

Pub Date: June 17th, 1975
Publisher: McGraw-Hill