IN THE HEART OF PARIS by Yvonne de Bremond d'Ars


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A modern fairy tale invites the reader to share with Mlle. D'Ars a rather fantastic experience from the time when she was approached by an old man of 85, from the colonies, to help him distribute his brother's collection of priceless antiques, to her execution of the bequest which also included a ""secret"". Taken to a house on the Rue La Fayette she found not only exquisite furniture of several centuries, but rare instruments, locks, lanterns, toys, Gobelins in the cupboards and a Renoir and Sisley in the bathroom. This collection, reflecting a lifetime of affectionate acquisition, was not to be sold at any time- but divided among his five nieces- and Mlle. d'Ars was to make the distribution according to the taste and temperament of each young lady- (and also including the son of one of them). And the last choice- the recipient of the ""secret"" (a portrait of the legatee's mother- with a coronet of real diamonds) was the most difficult of all..... This story, when it appeared in France, became an instant success and it is easy to see where the elegance which surrounds the eccentric, exceptional events here have a spontaneous appeal. It is in its way a charming curio.

Publisher: Putnam