THE ANTIQUE DEALER'S TALE by Yvonne de Bremond D'Ars


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A small, sentimental true conte has much of the gentle charm of the earlier In The Heart of Paris and tells of her purchase, in Amiens, of a first Empire portrait of a General, and its sale a few months later to a young man, Victor Sevral. His attachment to the portrait (one of increasing intensity) parallels Mlle. D'Ars friendship with Victor and his godmother who confides to her his unhappy past. She loses track of him for a time, meets them both again after Victor starts his own ""junk"" shop. Sensitive, too isolated from the world, Victor continues to feel a strange affinity with the General; a dream is the directive which prompts his search for the General's descendants; and at the close Victor finds Mariette, with the ""eyes of the portrait"", and with whom he of course falls in love...Susceptible readers will find this a happy encounter- not only with romance- but in the small talk of other discoveries and the peripheral pleasures of this profession.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1961
Publisher: Putnam