FRAME FOR JULIAN by Yvonne Mitchell


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A small, slight story deals in domestic terms with the success, and failure of a creative artist, and if Julian Pavitt, a painter, is a somewhat dim figure- not so the wife and three daughters who encircle (and perhaps submerge) him: Augusta who is constantly caseating and propping him up- and the girls (14 to 6) who are always aware of Julian's priority. While the Pavitts have a sketchy existence in France, another painter nearby-Bill Gorby- with a much larger brood- lives in far grubbier (bohemian) circumstances. Still it is Gorby's more spectacular talent which attracts attention, success, and leads to Julian's depression- he starts to drink, stops , and eventually, even with Augusta's loving care, commits suicide. At his death, Augusta and the girls return to England, Augusta neglects them for her own , and it is Noni, the middle child, who reminds her that ""Existence has to be isted"" and brings her back.... Feminine, fragil .

Publisher: Morrow