THE SQUASH COOKBOOK by Yvonne Young Tart


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American Indians called them askoot asquash (eaten green) but Tarr prefers ""delicious"" and ""easy to grow"" as she details ""how to plant, cultivate, harvest, preserve, and cook them."" The narrow focus illuminates a broad field of information--why black plastic is a less acceptable mulch or sulfur a risky insecticide. There's the expected appreciation of shape and size, petite Scallopini to Hungarian Mammoth, and seed-catalogue notations and nutrient values for each variety. And the recipes, which generally conform to the Wholesome, Super-Easy, Ten-Minute appeal of Tarr's other collections, include standards (ratatouille), surprise hybrids (summer squash knishes), and maybe a few trendsetters (squash with miso). For squash aficionados and Tarr fans, it may squeeze onto the shelf, right next to The Tomato Book.

Pub Date: June 6th, 1978
Publisher: Random House