THE YUGOSLAVS by Z. Kostelski


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By-pass this if you want an objective, solidly reasoned study of the question mark of Europe. As a chronology of 2000 years, historically surveyed, district by district, this is competent enough, but colored throughout with the author's Slavophile passion. Yugoslavia is a marvelous country, put upon through the ages by invaders, and today by America's unethical decision to play the big power game. Each section contains data on the religion, art, society and politics of Serbs, Bulgars or Croats as they migrated, settled; fought among themselves, were invaded by their neighbors. The overall impression is haphazard and repetitious; the translation may be at times to blame; now and again one glimpses vivid pictures of Yugoslav life. But it has all been much better done (by Adamic- by Rebecca West) and the pre-Yugoslav evangelism makes tough reading.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1952
Publisher: Philosophical Library