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From the Chocolate Flava series, volume 4

edited by Zane

Pub Date: July 16th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4516-8964-8
Publisher: Atria

The fourth installment of Zane’s anthology series based on the "Featured Erotica" section of

Twenty-six authors share bold and graphic details about sexual affairs and interludes in stories set in varying stages of life and disparate geographical locations, though most include African-American characters. From a recent college grad in Atlanta to a woman touring her dream house in a nameless suburb, as well as a young girl exploring a darkly mysterious sex club in Pigalle, Paris, and an abandoned wife on a Depression-era Midwestern farm, the shorts give blow-by-blow accounts of, to put it simply, lots of sex. There is also a spectrum of talent in the set and some jarring editorial choices—with at least two stories ending with no true resolution. The authors are amateur writers submitting to a website, yet they generally manage to maintain cohesive storytelling and titillating—if not overly elegant—descriptions of lust and carnal connections. An audience looking for hot, varied stories with elements of secret liaisons and naughty licentiousness may find something satisfying here.

Readers who enjoyed the first three anthologies will likely enjoy this one.