PILGRIMAGE: The Book of the People by Zenna Henderson
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PILGRIMAGE: The Book of the People

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From their original magazine, and frequent anthology, appearance, these stories of the People who made the Crossing from another world have a continuity of interest, and often characters, and deal largely with their settlement at Cougar Canyon. The People have special gifts (telepathy; levitation; etc.) but they also have special problem in the world of the Outsider--- there are Bethie and Peter, hybrids, who have been told that ""different is dead""; Melodye, a schoolteacher, who finds and salvages a whole new group of disturbed, unhappy children; the Outsider who comes to the Group to teach- and learns she is one of them; the intractable Francher kid- blamed for everything bad; etc., etc. A warmth and sentiment here, new to the genre, should bring a welcome from a wider audience.

Publisher: Doubleday