'ALLO GOOD-BY by Zephine Humphrey


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A panegyric traveler shares her personal experiences of a search for a kind climate (she suffers from eustachian congestion and uncongenial weather plays havoc). Down from Vermont, she is caught by a snowstorm in New York; then turns south to Charleston, Beaufort and Florida, seeking relief which escapes her. The country leaves much to be desired, she reaches San Antonia and is driven out by dampness; she goes over into Mexico and stays six weeks, doing the usual round of Cuernavaca, Taxco, Puebla, Mexico, Xochimilco, the pyramids, the shrine of Guadalupe, etc. Then back to San Antonio, on to Arizona and their favorite Cactus Forest Ranch, where they dig for prehistoric Indian relics -- and then a joyous return home. A book that has more for the stay-at-home who wont be bothered by inaccuracies and the obvious trumped up enthusiasms for the things she should like. For the traveler, it is unsound as a guide, and annoying in her intimacies and over-exuberance. Though when she finds something she whole-heartedly enjoys, she succeeds admirably in sharing that enthusiasm.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1940
Publisher: Dutton