ROSEMARY WINS HER CAP by Zillah K. Macdonald


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The Rosemary we met as a probie in A Cap for Corinne (1952) completes her nursing course here, but not without concomitant obstructions that nearly see her expelled and that reveal so well the inside story of the medical world, fascinating to the non-professional. Corinne is back too, happily married to the hardworking young pathologist, Burnette, and able to see Rosemary through the worst of the storm that involves the whole hospital. At first in hot water for overstaying a night leave, Rosemary also becomes embroiled in a case that puts Burnette's and another young doctor's careers in jeopardy, but as it is solved, and an envious colleague's intentions brought to light, Rosemary wins her cap and the love of the other young doctor. Good details for the career minded, though the emotional situation is too much of a quick cure to be believable.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1955
Publisher: Messner