A CAP FOR CORINNE by Zillah McDonald


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Another career book, this time about nursing. With all and perhaps more than the action of Lucky Miss Spaulding, this has the fulfillment of a happy ending- Corinne's marriage and prospects of life work with her beloved young pathologist. Dr. Burnette. Together they adventure through struggles with Corinne's parents who think clothes and looks are most important in life; the poignancy of Burnette's unsung love; case histories, the most notable of which are an unloved boy with rheumatic fever and a cancerous old actress who is agile enough to smuggle drugs to an addict brother; through the beginnings of Burnette's life plans for research. Though at times structurally thin, the plot and embellishments escape sentiment- are a nice turnout of adventure and accomplishment and a fair introduction to the medical world.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1952
Publisher: Messner