A CANDLE FOR A STAR by Zoe Lund Schiller


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Duncan MacGregor, Pioneer Northwest Settler"" -- self styled, with a wry kind of humor -- is the first citizen of a town north of Seattle, and seeks to give its citizens- as a sort of final gesture- a theatre that can rival many others in larger western cities. This is MacGregor's story, told in two rivers of time:- the record of the present, the record of the past, until the two flow together. The present offers its turmoil and confusion, its petty irritants and violent jealousies, as the lagging progress of the theatre is challenged by the imminent production of a drama built around MacGregor's pioneer story, symbol of the opening Northwest. The dialogue has been written by an Easterner and her companion is the composer of the melodies; but the cast is made up of native sons, who resent the injection of ""foreigners"". In escape from today's problems MacGregor's mind slips back into the past. Early orphaned, running away from insoluble problems and hitting the trail West, he experienced and savored the many faceted phases, one of them none too glamorous, of the rugged frontier. And in his ultimate success, in the eyes of his little world, he stood for the men who settled the country... There is nothing particularly new in the matter; the manner is in the stream of consciousness for the most part, and the reading is confessedly- for this reader- somewhat lacking in zest.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1952
Publisher: Macmillan